Once we have the go ahead (we take a 10% deposit), we then put together a schedule of works, depending on your preferred start date. We find our customers really like this – it enables you to see what is happening on each day and who to expect. It also tells you when it will all be finished – and we stick to this!

We will also provide electrical drawings with our recommendations for lighting, switching, positions of sockets and spurs.

From the day we start, you will still have the same point of contact. We make regular site visits to check on progress and speak to our customers on a daily basis to check you are comfortable with progress and to answer any questions or concerns.

If we are working with a builder as part of a larger project, we will work our schedule in with your builder’s and ensure we are in regular communication with them in the run up to the project. We provide them with full electrical drawings and details for positions of radiators, windows, ducting for extractors and all the details which your builder needs to enable a smooth, dovetailed operation.